Monday, November 13, 2017

World Remembrance day celebration to Road Traffic Victim, 2017.

RMR and SAN joint to cordinate the celebration of World Remembrance day to Road Traffic Victim family to join us in remembrance to lost lifes and Injured at Road.
Event Date: Nov,19,2017, Sunday.
Event Venue: Basantapur Dabali.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

RMR collaborated with KNSU to support upcoming events.

We collaborated with KNSU for further support for upcoming events.

Signed MOU with KAFH

Sign MOU between Korea Association for disabled and handicapped and RMR Foundation.

RMR Meeting with Goverment Agencies

RMR official visit to Central District Office, Babarmahal and Kathmandu Metropolitan City Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square Conservation Program to prepare the upcoming event : Grand Festival Celebration on World Remembrance Day to Road Accident Victim at November 19, 2017. Thus, we heartily invite victim families to light up candle in memory of our beloved one.
Event place : Basantapur Dabali

Meeting with Traffic department

RMR official level meeting with Traffic department, Nepal for coordination and collaboration for RMR's grand celebration day on "World Remembrance day to Traffic victim" on 19th November. We invite victim families to participate to this program.
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RMR appointed Mr. Ramit Dhungana (Nepalese Artist) as Publicity Ambassador of Nepal and happy to invite them as Chief Guest from RMR at Grand celebration event "World Remembrance day to Traffic accident Victim" , November 19, 2017.
We invite Road Traffic Victims families to participate the program.
Event time :- 4:00-6:00 PM
Event Date:- November 19

Grand Meeting of RMR Seceretery Commitee

RMR Foundation appointed the new General Seceretary committee today, Oct 29, and discussion to organize a "World remembrance day to road traffic victim", November 19, 2017.